Olu Ella Inn, our upcountry retreat for your holiday or weekend getaway!

Our Village, Dombepola

Our family has lived in this quiet and pleasant village for several hundred years and, although some of us now live elsewhere, it remains a very significant place in our hearts and minds. It is Home.

We hope you will explore our home village and experience the community spirit as well as the unique beauty of the area and people and feel at home and at peace here, as we do.

The little school, not quite at the top of the mountain, demonstrates the community’s spirit, the pride they have in themselves and their hopes for a happy and prosperous future. The parents have undertaken projects to improve the school grounds while the Principal and Staff have worked and planned with success to enable their students to do better in the National exams when they compete with much better equipped schools and students who have access to tutoring.

An exciting project is being worked on right now with the school about to get its first library, built with work by the villagers, parents and the costs being met by former students and their friends. Books for this fantastic library are being donated by students in a college in Australia and other Australian and Sri Lankan wellwishers.

The village temple above the school sits itself on a massive granite rock, dwarfed by the enormous rock mountain nearby. It is the centre of village life.

Our guesthouse is on the banks of the We Oya, a branch of the Kelaniya River. We built it so that we could share our peaceful, cool and beautiful place with others. Most of the materials used were obtained from our land. During the three years of building we employed mostly local people, thereby adding to the village economy. It was opened in January 2004  with a party attended by local people and all who had assisted in its construction.


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