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Getting Around Lanka

Where you go, what you do will depend not only on your interests but also on how much time you have available to see this amazing country, the timing of your trip, the way you choose to travel and your budget.

The easiest and fastest way to get around is to hire a driver/guide who is very familiar not only with the places and how to get to them but also admission costs and procedures , good food outlets, bathrooms, AND can arrange accommodation in each place for you. Recommended if you are short of time, are a plus aged person or travelling with family. You should organise this in advance – ask us how to do this. There are a couple of agents on arrival at Katunayake should you not be able to organise this prior to your arrival.

Travelling by train, bus and tuk tuk combination is also doable. This is very time consuming and you need to travel with the smallest amount of baggage possible. I mean a SMALL soft side bag that you can hold between your feet or sit on your lap. The advantages of this type of travel are that it is very inexpensive, you get to meet local people and get to know places more intimately.


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