Olu Ella Inn, our upcountry retreat for your holiday or weekend getaway!


You can simply chill out on the balcony, listening to the river below, watching the birds and monkeys in the trees for your entire stay! However, after you have enjoyed a swim in the river below your room and a delicious meal featuring traditional village cuisine, there are other things to do!

Our recommendations are to :

  • take a short walk down the road to see Olu Ella Falls – Sri Lanka’s 5th Highest falls at 660 feet. [ 200m] Don’t forget your camera for the Falls, the monkeys that roam in the trees nearby or the elusive colourful birds.
  • explore our special village! Just head up the hill and follow the path as far as the school and temple. Along the way you will see rubber trees, tea bushes, coffee and spices growing. The  views of the mountains and granite rock faces are simply awesome too.  While you are near the temple, ask someone to show you the Shrine cave where a Buddhist monk lived for many years 50 years ago. From here you can get a photo of almost the full drop of Olu Ella Falls on the mountain the other side of the river. You can read more about our village on the Our Village, Dombepola, page.
  • ask our Manager for a snack pack and make a trip up to the summit of the opposite mountain to the Telecom Tower through Weviyatalawa and Halgolla Tea Estates. This is a never to be forgotten experience as you go higher, through clouds of passing mist, beautiful rock formations, and lush tea terraces. Have a quiet moment at Dripping Rock as you appreciate the experience. A 4 wheel drive is recommended for this trip but a tuktuk will take you a fair way up as well.
  • take a walk to Malalpola, 1.5km down the road, to visit the lovely Temple atop the rock is very pleasant. Go in the morning an hour before noon and the temple will be open for the Dana ritual so you can see the three Buddhas inside.
  • If you would like to visit the Halgolla tea factory at Malalpola just ask our Manager and he may be able to arrange this for you.





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